Tree House

It's less vicious-looking than most MicroDwarf maps thus far - in fact, it's pretty cuddly. It's a halfling home, for crying out loud! Or a gnome home. Some friendly forest dweller. That said, the extra platforms up at the top do make for some excellent firing platforms... This tree home necessitates magical protection from fire and prying eyes to keep its comforts secure. Explorers of Pacific Northwest arboreal spaces will know the kind of tree this map depicts, which seems solid and uniform from a distance but opens up into a roomy wonderland once you duck beneath its boughs. Normal (or Medium, if you want to be specific)-sized visitors to this home will find it a contradiction of sizes, a

The Hoard

What’s this? Another fan map? Better believe it, Patrons, I’m still ringing that C Team bell! Thanks must go out to the Dungeon Master of that game for providing such a rich description. Fans of Acquisitions Incorporated’s The C Team (colloquially known as the Shadow Council) need no introduction to the Dragons Hoard Rivergoing House of Chance, but for my other patrons, allow me the indulgence of walking you through this magnificence. Precious Shadow Council, may my labors please you, entertain yourself by searching for the four members of teh c teamz ”hidden” in this image while I inform the rest. Fully three floors of gambling extravagance await visitors to the Hoard, a paddleboat owned an

Deep Cathedral

This large place of worship seems perfect for a party of heroes to barge into just in time to stop a dastardly ritual, and it's got the space and the cover to make it a time and a half! Just a handful of archers or crossbowmen on the balconies and the cover of the altar and low wall at the end make it more than a challenge to get to the big bad and stop whatever happens. By the same token, imagine the kind of epic last stand this space could provide! Hordes of infernal creatures swarming around, plucking hapless defenders off balconies and dropping them to the stones below! Fighting pew by pew until you're backed up against the altar as the cleric chants and prays for divine intervention! TH

The Dran & Courtier

Showing of my fandom loyalties here! I've been following the AI crew since way back in their Fallcrest days. Honestly, I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize I could bring my two passions together. This project was really inspired by the fantastic writerly descriptions of the D&C found in the adventures of the C Team. Props really go out to Jerry Holkins for painting so well in my mind's eye. I kinda wish that there was a good way to incorporate the letters D and C into the architecture of this building, but everything I tried always just ended up as a bunch of semicircles. I would normally cherish the opportunity to break from the "tyranny of the grid", as they say on cartograph


How's this for a throwback? Based on the Greek labyrinth, this dungeon's shifting doors should provide much more excitement and puzzlement to any who dare delve its depths. Not only will following the alternate path always lead you back to the entrance, each of the teleport traps will always send you back the way you came. This dungeon screams out for an Encounter Hook, and will probably be the next one to receive the treatment. I like the idea of a very shy or self-conscious monster living at the center of this maze. It would be easy enough to convert the rest of the traps into nonlethal or misdirecting versions, and a party that isn't paying attention can easily find themselves turned arou

Rat & Kobold Sewer

How's this for an intricate dungeon? And all contained on one page, too! I've been trying to increase the natural flow of my dungeons, and break away from the grid. While I clearly haven't jumped in with both feet, I'd say this is a pretty solid first step. To my eye, the encounter flows up and to the right, before circling back down and ending at that final room. I'm a little concerned about the top left section getting left unexplored, but it's on the left section to catch those Gygaxian purists. One of the things I'm especially proud of is the large circular cistern that makes for a vertical crossroads of sorts. Who knows what horrible things can be swimming down in the darkness below...

Istrotal & The Worlds That Remain

The last foothold of civilization after a literal earth-bending cataclysm... A people adrift in the silence of the gods... A world slowly crushed between the unyielding elemental planes. This is Istrotal. The Old Road is the last fading vein of commerce and civilization, but even its weak pulse is in danger thanks to the hasty and uncompromising actions of the Ravaanikiir Alliance. The newly-formed range of mountains cuts off that city from the encroaching mire that spreads out from the World Scar, but it also cuts them off from the rest of Istrotal. The brightest spots of light in this dark world are Saint's Haven, the Ravaanikiir Alliance, and Ixala Imperium, but these three disparate hold

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