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Ice Palace

A winter palace for the holidays! Of course your adventures don't have to be what this castle was originally made for - "The palace of the mighty lich king - Sain Ichorliss, who lives in the far frozen realms and is served by the resurrected skeletons of the dwarves he killed to conquer their mountain."

Instead, if you want your holidays to stay delightfully anti-postmodern (or whatever the grimdark reboot crowd are calling themselves these days) you can instead keep this structure true to its inspiration - an ice palace fit for a beautiful ice queen.

Points to anyone who can guess where the inspiration for the layout came from! I certainly am not going to say, what with the dread litigious arm of The Mouse.

Ceilings here are at least 50 feet high, to accommodate the sweeping delicate staircases, and of course this palace features a long, swooping ice staircase up to its front doors over a breathtaking crevasse.

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