Lighting Dungeon

Here's where we start experimenting with shading and light! It's a bit hit-and-miss, especially with the watermark, but I do like how it turned out. Also, it's a nice traditional dungeon, excellent for a dungeon crawl!

Pirate Cove

A bit of an experiment, this, in a number of different ways. First and foremost, this is supposed to be a closer perspective than a lot of my terrain maps. I figured the new detailed style would work well with a more detailed focus, and I think I was right! We're also playing around with skewed perspectives on the Portolan lines; they've been shifted to hopefully add to the illusion of a bird's-eye view of this island. This I'm not so sure it worked, but it was amusing watching GIMP struggle to handle the perspective adjustments on the size of the original file.

Sailing Ship

It's a big boy! Or, girl, I realize, since ships are normally female-coded. And yet for all its size, it's still a pretty cramped space; even the main deck isn't as open as it appears, because there are lifeboats to consider. Ships are WEIRD to draw; there are seemingly infinite varieties of sailing ship with just as many layouts, so this one is a best-guess homunculus of a couple different ships. The extra gun deck may be a bit too advanced or heavy for your purposes, so feel free to remove it if you need. I'm also a little iffy on the second deck; in the layout I referenced, the rear area was designated as the "warrant officers quarters", but doesn't have a lot in the way of description of


Oh yeah, this is another two-parter! The first map is what visitors to this ostentatious office see, all pristine tile and swanky couches. Down below is the meat of the building, the secret tunnels and barracks for guards and servants and cooks. This map comes from a recent experience playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Fans of that series will hopefully recognize this map, as I was so struck by how incredible the level was I immediately had to stop and sketch out the rough proportions. Several hours and many, MANY attempts later (THANK YOU, ISOMETRICS), we settle with this. I was going to throw just the office level up and call it a day, but my ever-wise father reminded me that a person with

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