Sacrificial Temple

Fairly simple from the inside, unfortunately, which in my experience is the opposite of most architecture. Still, the large squares ARE ten feet, so sized appropriately there's still a lot of majesty to be had. This temple is directly inspired from a recent game I've been playing, although its inspiration is a small part of a much larger game. Brownie points to anyone who can name the game (and the monster in question, I can't find the game guide for the life of me)!

Wildlife Preserve

This was...ambitious! Especially with a backlog that evaporated in almost no time at all. Mental note: less trees in future maps, haha! I was a little short on inspiration this week, and so combined two different suggestions: a map full of mountains, and a wildlife refuge. Each of the different biomes are separated by large cliffs, connected only by one river that snakes down and out of the refuge. I'm still not satisfied with the symbol I have for tropical trees; it gets the job done, and is clearly a different texture than the deciduous or coniferous trees, but it doesn't take shading well and still doesn't really read well to me. Something to keep experimenting on, I guess.


Another two-parter this time! I'm adding the second image to show off the library at night, or with more pronounced shadows, which isn't exactly printer-friendly. I've always loved the look of multi-floor libraries, and tried to scratch that itch with this one. These are ten-foot squares, by the by, so it's even larger than it first appears. I'm still pretty nervous about the available floorspace for the books, but the extra floor and the separate dedicated libraries help ameliorate that.

Alchemist's Cave

The best part about glowing green goop is that it's just begging to go somewhere and cause some kind of mayhem. If a crazed alchemist is using it to create monsters, and said monsters escape underground? Why, it would be irresponsible of me not to draw that! This one was a pain to get illustrated because the gosh-danged shadows drove me up the wall for two hours until I finally figured out how to get them right - and it turns out, it was much easier than I was trying to make it. Isn't it always?

Alchemist's Lab

Even more shading in this week's map! Not a lot otherwise to write home about, although this may be the first map that's shown indication of industrial or pre-industrial technology. The massive control panels in the tower are used to gather and manipulate lightning, for use in creating alchemical abominations in the basement. What fun! Now, all we need is a good storm...

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