This here is an updated version of a map I made a while ago for a campaign I was running. It went a good long while, too, before the cracks deep in the campaign's foundation pulled it apart. Still, it was a fun experiment, and it marks the first time I've put a lot of effort into worldbuilding. Not enough, unfortunately, but that's a problem for another time.

Red Dragon Lair

I like to think that whatever dragon uses this cavern as its lair knows full well where its interlopers are, it just prefers to wait for them to arrive and view its full splendor. Another lovely suggestion provided by one of our Patrons, this map is supposed to test invading adventurers on their greed. Numerous statues of the dragon itself animate and attack adventurers, vast piles of treasure rise up in hungry swarms, fantastically jeweled sets of armor and weapons fly off the walls to beat intruders senseless. The final hurdle is an extremely exposed platform past a door that slams and locks behind any would-be dragonslayers. The only things they face now are a dragon that can fly as it wi

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