False Dragon's Lair

It's a brave adventurer that delves into the lair of a dragon, much less a cunning and vicious green dragon - it's a very dumb adventurer who thinks the first or second entrance is the real entrance. A twisting honeycomb of tunnels and currents, the only thing to be found here is frustration, failure, and death. I have been wanting to make a waterfall map for a while now. There's something incredibly appealing for a dungeon in a waterfall: the extreme heights, the powerful water, the nooks and crannies... Visiting a hydroelectric dam opens up more possibilities in terms of large. grinding. inexorable machinery. Which plays well with the idea of a dragon's false lair! What's important to kee

River Campsite

Characters have a choice of setting up camp on the fairly steep slope on one side, or beneath a short cliff on the other. Both have upsides and downsides, but having been camping myself? I'll take the chance of a goblin dive-bomber and pick the more level spot. The stream bed looks lovely, and I don't think the grass looks too shabby, either. Not as certain on the topographical lines, but they do the job, and they're a foundation to build on.

Bogwych Hut

Something wicked that way lives, and it won’t be easy getting there either. This one’s going to be real fun trying to figure out how to draw different levels of waterlogged muck, but I think it’ll be worth it! Just watch out for crocodiles... This map presented the challenge of drawing underwater terrain. As I get more adept at using textures, the more tricks like this become available. While I'm not sure my water marks are as prevalent as they perhaps should be, in general I think the effect is achieved.

Kobold Warren

A twisty little cave network with a pretty nasty trap for the big-folk what come meddling... This map has a few features I feel like pointing out for all you vicious DMs out there. First and foremost, only the tunnels leading to the trap chamber are large enough to fit a human-sized creature - all the other tunnels are only large enough for a kobold or goblin to fit comfortably. Anyone larger will be squeezing quite uncomfortably, and unable to swing a weapon or defend themselves properly. The small tunnels overlooking the main trap area provide three-quarters cover to creatures inside them, making them perfect ambush points for big-folk that get stuck in the trap chamber. The central chambe

Tarzan House

Being sick is no excuse for no map, and neither is artist's block! This bad boy turned out pretty well, and I'd say it's a fair approximation of the house our tree-sliding hero lives in (if only briefly). While the only access point for humans is that rope ladder followed by an EXTREMELY exposed rope bridge, this dwelling does offer unfortunately limited protection from predators that are at home in the trees. But your characters won't have to worry about that...right? I think at the very least one could argue for a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to do that super cool branch-surfing Tarzan does, with advantage if they can belt out a Phil Collins song while doing it. And maybe disadvantage if t

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