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I love getting to play with a new style! While it's more simplistic than MicroDwarf maps typically are, I think the use of the brush pen really sells it as a rough artifact. This is clearly not made by an author that particularly cares about the names of the places that were sacked, looted, and burned. The fate of Tormugen Maw is given away slightly by the map and, ideally, the horrible tentacles or cracks radiating away from the final battle. Who won? Who knows? All I do know is if (when) I make a different version of this map, a good half of that valley will be a wasteland. So goes the fate of powerful ogres.


Docks and boardwalks are great places for a tight-quarters desperate brawl, and equally great for THRILLING HEROICS! The alleys between the warehouses make for a great ambush, and the crates piled just a little too conveniently can hide any number of assassins. At the same time, nimble characters can take advantage of the natural ladders provided by the stacked boxes to gain an advantage over a foe during a duel, and the crane provides a multitude of uses for those who use lateral thinking. The only thing I'm not completely happy about is the lack of a real falling danger. I know, what is MicroDwarf coming to? This can be fixed if an ambush is interrupted by the arrival of some seaborne scou

Deepflame Dwarfholt - Layer 2

Down deeper with the Deepflame Dwarfs, and now we reach the flame in the name. This layer is exclusively for the use of the azers that form the rigid top of the clan hierarchy. The only exceptions are the Fey Forges off to the side, where dwarves overtaken by a muse can work until they drop or complete their vision. The inhabitants of this layer make for several interesting differences between it and the one above. Azers, as beings of elemental fire, have no need for food, drink, or rest, so there is no food hall, kitchen, or bunkhouse here. Forges are the only personal area, and the Library of Steel is the only place of solitude or quiet. In addition, this level has far fewer areas open t

Deepflame Dwarfholt - Layer 1

Here's the newest map, and the first from the requests of a Patron! We're moving up in the world! This stronghold is the first of three distinct layers that make up the Deepflame stronghold. The Deepflame dwarfs prize skill in the forge highest of all, owing to their ancient alliance with a powerful and ancient fire giant chained beneath their stronghold and the evolution of some of their number into azers. This level is primarily the domain of the normal dwarf. The azers, which form the entirety of the priesthood of the Deepflame clan, live on the next layer down, coming up to offer religious services and share their forging expertise. The normal dwarfs are almost never allowed below this l

Underground River Outpost Encounter Hook

If the surface-worlders wish to take our cities, we will first choke the tunnels with their bodies and make them crawl through the groans of their dead. This map shows us an ancient watchtower taken over by drow and adapted to suit their own needs. Indeed, they have completely left the surface structure to its own collapse. An important feature to note about this dungeon is that there are no light sources other than what the party bring with them. If the drow realize that some members of the party are utilizing darkvision, they will make judicious use of their racial spells to level the playing field. Creatures in darkness, magical or otherwise, must make an Intelligence check with a DC of 1

Treetop Outpost Encounter Hook

Beware the silent jungle, for it knows what you do not. The Undershadow goblinoid tribe are well-adapted to threats from above and below. The skies are ruled by "terrorhawks", massive aerial predators that can see as clearly at four miles as they do at four feet and can hear the grunt of an ox through a hurricane. The ground floor is ruled by a wide variety of voracious predators that would like nothing more than an easy goblin snack. So in tune with their environment are they that they have learned to make use of their predators in defending their home. Woe betide any adventurer who thinks goblins are easy pickings in the Whispering Wood. Undershadow goblins, even more than normal goblins,

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