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drink up me hearties yo ho

Docks and boardwalks are great places for a tight-quarters desperate brawl, and equally great for THRILLING HEROICS! The alleys between the warehouses make for a great ambush, and the crates piled just a little too conveniently can hide any number of assassins. At the same time, nimble characters can take advantage of the natural ladders provided by the stacked boxes to gain an advantage over a foe during a duel, and the crane provides a multitude of uses for those who use lateral thinking.

The only thing I'm not completely happy about is the lack of a real falling danger. I know, what is MicroDwarf coming to? This can be fixed if an ambush is interrupted by the arrival of some seaborne scourge like zombies, or pirates, or zombie pirates. Just don't tell Disney if you go with the last option.

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