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Mr. Porter's Skullduggeries

Over two dozen best-selling episodic adventures for use with any Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.


Each adventure works as an easy diversion to inject new heist-based gameplay into an ongoing campaign, and several heists can be woven together into a complete crime-filled story.


Relish all three pillars of roleplaying games with colorful, duplicitous characters, puzzles and exploration, and a memorable fight to finish the night.

Need a primer on what exactly this "skullduggery" business is? Then try "Skullduggery Comes to Saltmarsh" and get a free adventure to boot.

Want a meatier bit of skullduggery?  Indulge in some irony as you pilfer presents for a police captain in "No Refunds"

Or get right to the goods with each of the three compendium sets: 

Mr. Porter's Tome of Skulldugeries

Mr. Porter's Tome of Skullduggeries Vol. 2

Mr. Porter's Saltmarsh Skullduggeries

each with an exclusive higher-level adventure.

An ongoing, collaborative project supported on WorldAnvil.

Five clans hammer out their existence against frigid rocks and the colder hearts of their enemies, each hoping to unite every ring-giver under one banner and reclaim the title of the Brightsword.


The Wolf rule an uneasy empire won with peerless, prideful warriors. 

The Bear grow as large as their mountain homes, and their rage grows even larger.

The Owl await the return of their magics with the patience of master craftsmen.

The Elk ride unfettered by roads and boiling in resentment of sour battlefield defeats.

The Dragon hoard gold and power behind an iron wall of secrets and masks.

The Raven flit amongst the shadows, waiting to repay the Wolf for their decimation in an ancient war.

And above it all looms the threat of giants from the north.

Actions beget tales, tales grow into legends, and legends forge heroes into gods. 

What will be the tale of your hero?

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