Crestaria and Dorlund Encounter Hook

DOWN IN THE DEEPLAKE DEPTHS Something sinister stirs in the un-plumbed fathoms of the Deeplake, and it's slowly killing the nearby town... The Deeplake is an unusual body of water in that is more akin to a cistern of incredible proportions than an actual lake. The lake "bed" plunges straight down in smooth vertical walls, and the actual bottom is far out of sight. The Deeplake is normally populated with a healthy variety of aquatic life, a surprising percentage of which can also be found swimming in the seas not far to the north and west. Scholars suggest that a heretofore-undiscovered passage connects the Deeplake with that larger, saltier body of water, but none have been able to prove it.

Stormholt Encounter Hook

THE GALESHIRE BULETTE DERBY Come one, come all, ye hardy adventurers, to the annual Galeshire Derby! Fun, excitement, and food to be had for all - and grand prizes for the winners! (or, at least, for survivors). The land around Galeshire is normally quite rocky, with the strong winds that give the town its name blowing away soil in tremendous seasonal dust storms. This is great for the people of Stormholt further south, who receive a fresh layer of nutrient-rich farmland every season, but less good for the people of Galeshire, who must rely on the presence of large burrowing creatures to re-till the rocky land. Fortunately for the people of Galeshire, large burrowing creatures are in abundan

Dragon's Run Canyon

Our newest map comes courtesy of a suggestion from my good friend Randal. Support MicroDwarf on Patreon and you too can see your map ideas come to life! Inspired by another game my pal is a fan of, this map features a series of wide canyons snaking through towering canyons of rock. An expanded scale makes it perfect for chases, races, or sneaking along the stony corridors. The wide plateaus are also good to host more fortified outposts, which can be connected by rope or stone bridge and which provide excellent overwatch over any foolish enough to try to get by. As always, what seems to be the MicroDwarf staple of perilous falls makes another appearance. This map was a useful exercise for a n

Underground River Outpost

Continuing our subterranean adventures, we have a map of many layers! The top left corner of the map shows the barest corner of the ruined watchtower that makes up the only indication of the guard post far below. Supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon gets you access to the best monsters and traps I could think of to fill this dungeon! This whole dungeon is designed to make it very, very difficult to get from the entrance to the main living quarters (as you might expect from a properly-designed military fortification). The narrow stone bridge at the entrance has no railings and is extremely exposed to the three well-concealed archer posts in the wall and the defensible walls at the far end. Most o

Goblin Cave - Part 2

Yep, for all you eagle-eyed followers who saw the "Part 1" from last week, I signed myself up for one more round of isometric dungeon maps! Just like last week, the fully fleshed-out encounter can be had by supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon. Phew, I'm glad that's over. This one was fun to draw because I had to imagine where the inhabitants might place pitons and support ropes to stabilize their makeshift platforms. Also because of the slip-n-slide. Hard to go wrong with that. Big falls all around, as always, although this time you might land in some splashy water instead of hard, sharp rocks. That might not be better, however; there's a reason these cave denizens stay well above the inky, fr

Goblin Cave - Part 1

Oh boy, isometric maps! I just keep finding new ways to make my life difficult. And if you want to make your characters' lives difficult, supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon gets you access to all the traps and monsters hidden on this map! This one was a bit of a doozy to put together, as it's an update of a much older map that I spruced up and then thought, "You know what would look great? An isometric version." That required looking up a whole NEW batch of techniques for isometric maps, trying them, failing them, ruining REAMS of isometric paper... Let's just say isometric maps likely won't be making regular appearances in the MicroDwarf lineup. I'll still come back to them to stretch myself

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