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Dragon's Run Canyon

Our newest map comes courtesy of a suggestion from my good friend Randal. Support MicroDwarf on Patreon and you too can see your map ideas come to life!

Inspired by another game my pal is a fan of, this map features a series of wide canyons snaking through towering canyons of rock. An expanded scale makes it perfect for chases, races, or sneaking along the stony corridors. The wide plateaus are also good to host more fortified outposts, which can be connected by rope or stone bridge and which provide excellent overwatch over any foolish enough to try to get by. As always, what seems to be the MicroDwarf staple of perilous falls makes another appearance.

This map was a useful exercise for a number of reasons. First and foremost it helps provide another benchmark for just exactly how long it takes to make one of these suckers, and secondly I was able to experiment with using custom brushes in GIMP. Anything to save myself some time. Although I'm not tooootally convinced it actually saved me any time. Ah well.

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