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Goblin Cave - Part 2

even goblins know the power of a slip-n-slide

Yep, for all you eagle-eyed followers who saw the "Part 1" from last week, I signed myself up for one more round of isometric dungeon maps! Just like last week, the fully fleshed-out encounter can be had by supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon.

Phew, I'm glad that's over.

This one was fun to draw because I had to imagine where the inhabitants might place pitons and support ropes to stabilize their makeshift platforms. Also because of the slip-n-slide. Hard to go wrong with that.

Big falls all around, as always, although this time you might land in some splashy water instead of hard, sharp rocks. That might not be better, however; there's a reason these cave denizens stay well above the inky, frigid pools...

This map, and the first one, were made as part of an experiment to draw a more "natural"-looking cave system. I figured goblins would adapt a cave to their own purposes, rather than carving out tunnels and so forth; also, cave systems that I've seen are much more expansive and vertical than a lot of the stuff I see in dungeon maps. Just a little bit of research into natural cave formation was eye-opening. It's likely something I will revisit in the future, and it makes for great ongoing series and dungeon crawls. Cartography! WITH SCIENCE!

It's really up to the DM to decide if they want the cave entrance at the top, middle, or bottom level of the cave. Any position offers a lot of interesting reactions from the cave denizens and ways for the characters to make their way through.

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