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Goblin Cave - Part 1

sweet isometrics batman

Oh boy, isometric maps! I just keep finding new ways to make my life difficult. And if you want to make your characters' lives difficult, supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon gets you access to all the traps and monsters hidden on this map!

This one was a bit of a doozy to put together, as it's an update of a much older map that I spruced up and then thought, "You know what would look great? An isometric version." That required looking up a whole NEW batch of techniques for isometric maps, trying them, failing them, ruining REAMS of isometric paper...

Let's just say isometric maps likely won't be making regular appearances in the MicroDwarf lineup. I'll still come back to them to stretch myself and keep things sharp, and they look rad as hell, but I think top-down maps are both a) easier to make and b) easier for you folks to use.

As always, watch your footing here - one misstep (or unlucky push) can have you plummeting quite a ways...

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