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Underground River Outpost

free plumbing is its own reward

Continuing our subterranean adventures, we have a map of many layers! The top left corner of the map shows the barest corner of the ruined watchtower that makes up the only indication of the guard post far below. Supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon gets you access to the best monsters and traps I could think of to fill this dungeon!

This whole dungeon is designed to make it very, very difficult to get from the entrance to the main living quarters (as you might expect from a properly-designed military fortification). The narrow stone bridge at the entrance has no railings and is extremely exposed to the three well-concealed archer posts in the wall and the defensible walls at the far end.

Most of the marked traps just drop interlopers into the river below, where alert defenders will have an easy time picking them off from the main span. Unlucky attackers hoping to swim with the river to bypass defenses will be sorely disappointed, as many things with sharp teeth lurk in those currents. And of course, there's the waterfall not far downstream...

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