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Deepflame Dwarfholt - Layer 2

layer of the azer

Down deeper with the Deepflame Dwarfs, and now we reach the flame in the name. This layer is exclusively for the use of the azers that form the rigid top of the clan hierarchy. The only exceptions are the Fey Forges off to the side, where dwarves overtaken by a muse can work until they drop or complete their vision.

The inhabitants of this layer make for several interesting differences between it and the one above. Azers, as beings of elemental fire, have no need for food, drink, or rest, so there is no food hall, kitchen, or bunkhouse here. Forges are the only personal area, and the Library of Steel is the only place of solitude or quiet. In addition, this level has far fewer areas open to the air, keeping the azers warmed with their own heat and insulated by the stone.

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