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Deepflame Dwarfholt - Layer 1

let's hope they don't dig too deep

Here's the newest map, and the first from the requests of a Patron! We're moving up in the world!

This stronghold is the first of three distinct layers that make up the Deepflame stronghold. The Deepflame dwarfs prize skill in the forge highest of all, owing to their ancient alliance with a powerful and ancient fire giant chained beneath their stronghold and the evolution of some of their number into azers.

This level is primarily the domain of the normal dwarf. The azers, which form the entirety of the priesthood of the Deepflame clan, live on the next layer down, coming up to offer religious services and share their forging expertise. The normal dwarfs are almost never allowed below this layer, with rare exceptions being made to recognize skill with a hammer or an axe.

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