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Sailing Ship

It's a big boy! Or, girl, I realize, since ships are normally female-coded. And yet for all its size, it's still a pretty cramped space; even the main deck isn't as open as it appears, because there are lifeboats to consider.

Ships are WEIRD to draw; there are seemingly infinite varieties of sailing ship with just as many layouts, so this one is a best-guess homunculus of a couple different ships. The extra gun deck may be a bit too advanced or heavy for your purposes, so feel free to remove it if you need.

I'm also a little iffy on the second deck; in the layout I referenced, the rear area was designated as the "warrant officers quarters", but doesn't have a lot in the way of description of what goes there. I leaned towards "designated sleeping area", but in this economy of scale, they probably would have had to sleep next to more guns.

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