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Oh yeah, this is another two-parter! The first map is what visitors to this ostentatious office see, all pristine tile and swanky couches. Down below is the meat of the building, the secret tunnels and barracks for guards and servants and cooks.

This map comes from a recent experience playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Fans of that series will hopefully recognize this map, as I was so struck by how incredible the level was I immediately had to stop and sketch out the rough proportions. Several hours and many, MANY attempts later (THANK YOU, ISOMETRICS), we settle with this.

I was going to throw just the office level up and call it a day, but my ever-wise father reminded me that a person with an office this ostentatious is going to have dedicated security and support staff, so of COURSE those had to be drawn. Not like I'm really complaining, I knew it had to be done anyway.

If I come back to any of my maps, this will be on the list. I feel like the various levels deserve a few more touches in terms of furniture, for fancy drinks and such. And, yes, an isometric cut-away version of this is out there, just... just not yet.

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