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try using this for meditation why don't ya

How's this for a throwback? Based on the Greek labyrinth, this dungeon's shifting doors should provide much more excitement and puzzlement to any who dare delve its depths. Not only will following the alternate path always lead you back to the entrance, each of the teleport traps will always send you back the way you came. This dungeon screams out for an Encounter Hook, and will probably be the next one to receive the treatment.

I like the idea of a very shy or self-conscious monster living at the center of this maze. It would be easy enough to convert the rest of the traps into nonlethal or misdirecting versions, and a party that isn't paying attention can easily find themselves turned around in no time. I would even love to see how this dungeon works without any traps whatsoever, just the shifting walls and the players' mounting frustration. It would probably be more a matter of WHEN the players decided to think laterally, versus IF.

If you like this dungeon and don't want to do the work of converting it to a player vision version, good news! That work is already done and available to $2 backers on the Patreon! Give it a thought if you want to continue vexing your players!

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