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The Hoard

What’s this? Another fan map? Better believe it, Patrons, I’m still ringing that C Team bell! Thanks must go out to the Dungeon Master of that game for providing such a rich description.

Fans of Acquisitions Incorporated’s The C Team (colloquially known as the Shadow Council) need no introduction to the Dragons Hoard Rivergoing House of Chance, but for my other patrons, allow me the indulgence of walking you through this magnificence. Precious Shadow Council, may my labors please you, entertain yourself by searching for the four members of teh c teamz ”hidden” in this image while I inform the rest.

Fully three floors of gambling extravagance await visitors to the Hoard, a paddleboat owned and operated by a unique clan of lizardfolk. The most popular game here is Giants and Halflings, although aficionados of Pickpocket or Vaults can find tables eager to feel the bounce of their dice.

The floors are arranged in ascending order of discretion (and discretionary spending), and the topmost floor has that discretion enforced by beefy, humorless guards right at the mouth of the stairs. This topmost floor also gives high rollers access to exclusive private suites in the rear of the boat, whose golden doors open only for a whispered password.

All three floors open into a wide-open drinks and dining area which abuts directly onto a two-tier raised circular stage. The top slice of this acoustical cake also features a teleportation circle on which high rollers to make their grand debut.

That is all that normal visitors know of the Hoard, but followers of the C Team’s exploits will know what shadowy secrets lie beneath the main floors...

This map was a fun challenge for many reasons. Isometric maps are still new territory for me, and to throw the added challenge of a cutaway map on top was an unexpected but not unwelcome twist. I was hoping initially to be able to fully render all three floors and then digitally wipe away what was not seen, but this magic was not mine to enjoy. Also, I will admit, figure drawing at any scale is not my forte, much less in miniature. At this scale viewers may be forgiven for wondering if this riverboat is not entirely populated by the hollow facsimile of life that is the dancing glow-man servant of K’thriss Drowb.

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