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Istrotal & The Worlds That Remain

deep impact

The last foothold of civilization after a literal earth-bending cataclysm... A people adrift in the silence of the gods... A world slowly crushed between the unyielding elemental planes.

This is Istrotal.

The Old Road is the last fading vein of commerce and civilization, but even its weak pulse is in danger thanks to the hasty and uncompromising actions of the Ravaanikiir Alliance. The newly-formed range of mountains cuts off that city from the encroaching mire that spreads out from the World Scar, but it also cuts them off from the rest of Istrotal.

The brightest spots of light in this dark world are Saint's Haven, the Ravaanikiir Alliance, and Ixala Imperium, but these three disparate holds are just as suspicious of each other as they are the darkness that surrounds them.

It takes a brave soul to venture out into the wilds and find fortune in the relics of the ages past - is that you?

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