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Tree House

It's less vicious-looking than most MicroDwarf maps thus far - in fact, it's pretty cuddly. It's a halfling home, for crying out loud! Or a gnome home. Some friendly forest dweller. That said, the extra platforms up at the top do make for some excellent firing platforms...

This tree home necessitates magical protection from fire and prying eyes to keep its comforts secure. Explorers of Pacific Northwest arboreal spaces will know the kind of tree this map depicts, which seems solid and uniform from a distance but opens up into a roomy wonderland once you duck beneath its boughs.

Normal (or Medium, if you want to be specific)-sized visitors to this home will find it a contradiction of sizes, as the doors are made only with halflings in mind but the spacious ceilings are roomy even for Large folk. This only applies to the above-ground sections; the tunnel sections are tight even for Small-folk.

I'd love to hear what respite you are able to give your players in this lovely home! Is it a gentle fey, or a fierce werebear with a kindly smile?

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