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Cave Lair

Finally, a dungeon map to give some balance to all the terrain maps we've had recently!

This one was partially made just to get over some artists' block, but I think it still turned out quite well. One of the brain-blasts I'm particularly proud of is having the different levels visually represented with different floor textures. The lower levels are loose, soft sand, where cave denizens can live and raise their young; the upper levels are hard stone, for quick and easy movement when defending the cave; and the entrance, middle level is a middle ground, hard enough to have sand crunch loudly under intruders' feet.

Another fun thing about this cave is that it actually connects to a much deeper, more planned ruin. What kind of subterranean civilization puts so much effort into its floor tiles? Where does the rest of that area go? That's up to you to find out!

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