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Another terrain map, with more tiny little trees! I must really hate my .01 pen, mustn't I.

This map brings up an interesting question of which fonts to use for the labels. I really like the hand-painted feel of the font used for Midport and Rafstrom, but I don't think it mixes well with the larger, blockier text used to label regions. I'm leaning more towards the first font (already being called "Pirate Font" in my head) just because I like the sense of style. Going forward I'll have to make sure I find some good middle ground for big regions like oceans and fields.

Bonus points out there to followers who guess what real-world area this map is based on! It's being used for a post-apocalyptic game, apparently, so don't look too hard at the major features. I think the coastline is your friend here.

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