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pretty lil castles

Getting things started with a map with plenty of style! And just a reminder, you can pick up a colorized version if you become a supporter of MicroDwarf on Patreon!

This map has some artifacts of earlier maps of mine (that might show up here, once they've been properly brought up to my current level of quality). Most notably, the fjords in the northern tip. They look quite snazzy with simple lines, but the more detail that gets added increasingly turns them into hand-crippling nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares, how about those town markers? I do like the way the names gain size and ornamentation as the size of the town in question increases, but that much detail covers up a LOT of the map. On the other hand, it helps solve a bit of the white space problem, and goes a long way towards conveying urban sprawl. I'll certainly keep it in mind for future maps.

Swamps (like the ones at the southern tip there) continue to vex me. Having grown up in the American South, I know how hot, wet, and waterlogged they can be, but it is agonizing trying to find a way to convey that quickly on a map. This map tries its best with may rivers and a cattail-like symbol. It's something that will take quite a bit of work to iron out, but I'm looking forward to getting it.

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