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people making names are never clever and often lazy

What did we learn from this map, class?


That's correct.

Oh, JEEZE, this was a pain to get into a digital form. Not only had I inked on notebook paper (good for quelling that blank-page artists' block), I'd also COLORED on notebook paper (good for showing off to family on vacation, bad for EVERYTHING ELSE). If you want to get ahold of the map with ALL NEW COLORS, consider supporting MicroDwarf on Patreon!

This is a pretty busy map, especially in the northern region. I've tried to keep it as clear as possible, but that's just something I'm going to have to improve upon.

You can see here I've switched to the broccoli-stalk style of drawing forests, which gives them a nice contiguous feel but has issues when they run across rivers or roads. There are other cartographers out there who probably have solutions to this problem; it's just a matter now of finding them and using (read: stealing) their technique.

Still got a bit of a whitespace problem; didn't want to overdo the waves like last time, but it just feels empty. MOAR GOOGLY-MOOGLYS is the answer, I think.

Depicting towns is a never-ending struggle. You want to find some way to convey both its size and importance, and if you can manage political boundaries so much the better. I've seen people do shields and heraldic crests, but that takes too much space for my tastes. That said, while I'm proud of the polygon solution here, I don't think it will be a permanent one. There's always the next map!

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